First I want to apologize, I have done a horrible job of keeping up with my posts the last week and a half. I didnt make an effort, worried about Gustav coming and we having to evacuate, well that passed and didnt come so then Hubby left on a business trip and took us with him. That was fun for me and the little critter, Davin. We get home and not even a day later had to take some food relief and water to our Uncle in LA. Where he was in Gonzalez there was no power, they had a generater but he couldnt find the adapter to hook it up to his well, so he had no running water, before we got there they couldnt leave their town to go a few towns over for food, so they went without food for a few days, trees were blocking the road ways. By the time we had heard from them they were able to get through the towns, road ways were cleared and they got to the red cross for food and water. So funny thing, we rush over there to help aid them in getting them relief, they are family dont want to leave them without, Ohh we live near Houston TX, to tell you about how far we drove. So literally ten minutes before we drive up to their house, the power turns on, they were originally told they wouldnt have power for another week, hence why we went out there in such a rush. It was amazing the things we saw. Huge trees uprooted. There was a trailer in a trailer park with a truck in front of it and tree on top of the truck the tree was so huge that it literally covered the entire truck, and missed the trailer literally by two inches. I wish I had my camera. We went by a gas station that was selling gas and food stuff on the inside but the roof was completely gone. There was a curfew set for a few of the parishes when we left and if a cop saw you after curfew he would pull you over and take you to jail no questions asked and they didnt take you to just the county jail they took you to the big jail. Dont remember the name. It wasnt too bad but still it was so unreal and the amount of damage was unbelievable, I have only mentioned a few things I saw. There is a 17 mile bridge between Lafayette and Baton Rouge and going into Baton Rouge if you are traveling the bridge during day light you can see where a tornado literally followed beside the bridge a literally just layed down trees. Even almost a week after the hurricane had tore up Southern LA cleaning crews didnt get to go out there and clean the highways, trees were pushed to the side from the traffic passing by them. And now there is Hurricane IKE, hopefully he doesnt take the same path as Gustav because that area will just be gone, it is bad now, it will only be worse. Well I hope to have a post for tomorrow. Again I wanted to apologize for not being able to get around to posting and tell you of my small adventures this week. Hope every one is safe and healthy and have a good week.

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