Lost in my own world.

Well things are doing great over here. LOL. I have been doing lots and lots and lots of sewing, so much sew that I think I could sew in my sleep if I was daring enough to try, But I am too chicken, afraid I might loose a finger or two and I am slightly attached to them so not going to try it.

My plan for the year has been to do at least one craft show/festival booth, that will allow me to carry my craft, a month. Success on that since March, soo much so that I am booked for two shows a month for the next 3 months and November. Which is good because I am getting out there meeting the customers and getting my name out there, Great. Of course the down side of that is as soon as the show is over I have to quickly replenish what was sold for the next one. But I am having a blast. On top of all the shows I have my items in two consignmnent shops and that is a blast because I get to know what the shop owners want and make new items that I would of never thought of making.

So half the year is gone and I swear I just woke up yesterday and it was the begining of the year. Hope the rest of yall are having a blast through your year and if you arent doing craft shows/festivals yet, but thinking about it, just throw yourself into it. The worst thing that can happen is you dont and never know what you are missing out on.

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