Back in Austin

Alright we have made it back into Austin for a few days. We should be returning to a friends house down thte street from my house on Wednesday so we can start work on the on Thursday. We have to take all the furniture that is upstairs and put it into storage so that the workers that come to do repairs can get into the rooms to replace all the walls and ceilings. We will be staying at my friends house at night so that me and my son can breathe. We staid Saturday night at the house tried to sleep in it and I had so many asthma attacks that I didnt get very much sleep so that will not happen again, LOL. Also this helps her out with going back to work, I am normally her baby sitter so she hasnt been to work since the hurricane came through because I am not there to baby sit for her. She tried taking the babies to her MIL and her BIL beat her kid so she doesnt want to do that again. Makes sense to me. LOL. Any ways, my getting on the internet and all will be patchy at best for a while, but on the upside, my house has power, and the downstairs is fine. We will be more than probably be replacing the floors upstairs too, means I finally get tile in my room instead of carpet which is very exciting to me. So I am currently excited and depressed at the moment, it is like a literal roller coaster ride in my head. LOL.

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