Hurricane Ike and my strength

OMG I am so terrified and excited right now. Ike is headed straight for my house right now. We left Wednesday night. Hubby had to be in Austin for work and we just went a head and took advantage of the time to leave. It was amazing how much taffic was already headed out. We took the long way also, we went through Bellville on through Bastrop and what ever little towns were on the way. Hubby hates traffic. Well we got here safely and in one piece. Today I have been watching the news and I just know my house is going to be flooded so I am excited because this is the only way I will get to move and get a new house and this means we have to pick up what is left and start all over again. I am only 24 so there isnt much to start over but still it is a sickening thought.

Today my hubby is emotional from the medication he is on. So we were watching the news and he started to cry. He is terrified of what we are going to go home to. It is funny yes but sad too makes me want to cry to see him so upset.

Anyhow, my four year old is enjoying this, even more amazing is that he understands what is happening he is ok with the fact that our house may not be there when we return and he is alright with the idea of all his toys being ruined. My son is my strength. I want to be like him when I grow. He is just so amazing.

To give you an idea of how damaged my house will be, I live 20 minutes away from Galveston Island. If you are familiar with the area or following this storm you will know how bad this can be. Ohh well.

All those that stayed home for this I am keeping you in my prayers, those of you who were like me and ran I thank you for doing what is best for you and yours. And I pray for the best for all of you.

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