Hurricane Ike update 9/14/08

I got an update on my house yesterday night. My uncle went to the house and checked on it. We live not too far to Dickinson Bayou, so we were afraid of flooding, there was no flooding in my house. We were also afraid of trees flying into our house because we have about 30 pine trees in the back yard, no trees on our house. We have lots of wind damage though, there is lots of shingles off of our house. it is so bad that we might as well get a new roof. So I am sooo happy to see my house is fine and all my fabric and machines are not ruined and when I go home I will still have something to go to, but there wont be power for 2-4 weeks on my house so that does me no good. We were told not to go home for two more days at least due to nothing is working over there, no power, sewage, water. Hope every one else has fared as well as we have and wish you all well.

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