Silly kids

So I baby sit on top of everything else I do, I am sure I mentioned this before but I wanted to show all of you my funny little kids. Two of which I have no photos of right now because they didnt come. The two that didnt come are Malana and Maddox, and the two that did come are Avari and Aryana, of course there is My Davin, who I would never ever trade anything for even though he drives me insane from time to time.
Any ways on to the photos.
Avari and Davin acting like they are babies, see their bottles. They were even covered in the blankets and laying on the pillows at one point. Couldnt get my camera out fast enough.

Here is Avari trying to escape. And she managed to get away, darn it

Here is the beautiful Aryana, smelling all baby like and so sweet.

And now she is mad at me because I wont let her chew on my camera, what happened to the sweet baby from a minute ago?

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La Alicia said...

what a bunch of cuties!! you got keep that camera handy! :)