When it rains it pours

Man does that explain my life right now. Ok Hurricane Ike hits, house is ruined, well more or less, and lastly to take the cake, my grandpa has had either a heart attack or stroke. They have him admitted into the hospital and they are going to run EKG and dopplers on him tonight or tomorrow morning, they do know or pretty sure that he has a blocked artery. Which I know is pretty typical and routine to fix but still ughhhhhhhhhh, I want to pull all my hair out and scream. I had to come home after leaving to help out with my grandma and him and all his what ever goes on with that because every one else has real jobs. LOL. I really dont want to see a car again. I spent 5 hours in the car Saturday so we can come home and work on the house, and then 8 to go back out of town so hubby can be at work and then 5 again to come home and then Wednesday it will be more like 9-10 so I can go get hubby and bring him home. I have a huge migraine already with thinking about this. So insane. Alright I am done whining, seems like that is all I do lately.

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