Featured artist continued

Sorry I didnt get to this yesterday, I was soo busy with the little monster but here we go

Again this artist is totally awesome and I personally love the work she does.

She is the admin to a group called Cafemom Etsy Moms and she does a great job at that and her art and she is a mother and has a real go out of the house job, this woman is amazing. So everyone go to her shop and look at what she has going on and buy something. LOL, Please. LOL.

Here are her items that I love, ohh and there is one that I can not put on here, so I will just post the link and you will just have to trust me on it. If you are faint of heart or blush easily DO NOT look. If you like quorky go ahead and look.

Blueberry pie in beer cap pendant

Too cute huh?

Ok this one didnt come out to good but it is a baking charm bracelet, with all sorts of goodies on it.

And the piece de resistance

I think the photo speaks volumes. Broken Toe, is there a doctor around.

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