Getting work done

I am so proud of myself I am actually getting things made today. After going so many days without making a thing, I have finally gotten the gumption to get something done, and it is sooooo nice. Made several crayon rolls, some diaper inserts and hope to go to the fabric store to get some more stuff to work on. Now my problem is I have no camera to list my items with AHHHHHHHH. LOL. Isnt it just funny. Ohh well.

Ohh and I found out the claims adjuster should be out to my house in two days. My MIL is staying in the house now so she will be there for when he comes. Hope that means things will get to moving quickly, she said there is already mold growing on the walls, so I wont go home till things are done. My son and I are both asthmatics and I am highly allergic to molds so I am not going to go stay in that at all.

I am so excited. Yeah.

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