Peek a Boo Valentines 1

Here is a cute peek a boo into our valentines items we have within the market on Childs Play over at

In order from left to right,

Row 1: Tiptopdesigns:, Mamaslittlemonkeys:, Daisyblu:

Row 2: Flying zoo:, Childishthoughts:, BAM Designs:

Row 3: Bobs and Bits:, Jennifer Dennis Potter:, Gumball Grenade:

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It is the Amazing super Davin

Scary Davin
Silly boy

Super Davin and his horse (bear)

Super Davin to the rescue

Super Davin and mom, please do not get accustomed to seeing me in pictures. LOL

Funny face super Davin

And Super Davin flying

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1000 markets interview - 1-7-09

When did you first start your craft, and what made you want to try?

I began sewing as soon as I could reach the sewing machine. In kindergarten, I was gifted a little sewing machine. I made all the patterns included, and yearned to use my mother's machine. I made clothes for my dolls. I wanted to sew because my mother did!

What do you love the most about the items you make?

I love that the children who receive the garments I make can feel the love and care I put into them. I also love that they are different and fun. Every kid is special, and I hope in some small way expressing themselves helps them feel that way!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Oh my, what do you want to know? I spend my days taking care of my husband and children (and they take care of me!), volunteering with the Detroit Evolution Laboratory, and working with my clients.

I practice yoga, cook when I can, and have the great fortune of a few hours, a couple times a week when my mother or mother in law come to play with Ella so I can completely concentrate on sewing.

I am a night owl, and would gladly operate from non until 4 a.m. if my children would allow it.

How about your favorite color?

This changes rather regularly. For the longest time, it was purple, then it changed to blue, and now it changes almost daily. Almost all of my clothes are black, and I let Ella choose what I wear most days!

What is something you really want to try making?

More clothes for myself and other adults!

Are there any other craft fields you dabble in?

Every time I think I want to try something new (other than clothing design, patternmaking, graphic design, and writing) I have to remind myself that "the last thing Karen needs is another hobby!"

What brought you to 1000Markets?

Shelly from Figgy's brought me here!

I love that we have a community where I truly feel like I can belong, while maintaining my integrity as an artisan and craftsperson.

If you could give 1 piece of advice to somebody just starting in your field, what would it be?

Make what you feel, and take time to enjoy the process.

What in this world (besides your loved ones) can you not live without?

My sketchpad and pencils.

What draws you to the fabrics & other products you choose that you work with?

Generally, I am drawn to natural fabrics, but I am always sidetracked by colors. When the two combine,I have to have them. I'm discovering an addiction to fabrics I never knew existed....perhaps it didn't until recently, because the artistry of today's fabric designers is inspiring! I love to create little garments out of large prints. I suppose, since I'm not a quilter, it's my way of expressing the collage I admire in quilts and assemblage projects.

What shops, artists or other things continue to inspire you and help shape your creativity?

Undoubtedly, fabric inspires me. I am constantly inspired by my flickr contacts. I never realized how visual stimulation inspires me until flickr! I am also a graphic designer, so I view everything, in every day through a lens of possible inspiration. Yoga helps me to slow down and open my eyes. I truly find that keeping my heart open through the practice of Ahimsa (non-harming) leaves me open to the kindness in the world; providing me with a constant source of creative energy!

Lastly, my children inspire me. They are true individuals, and they remind me that what I do is important (even if only to them).

Thanks for asking!

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