I am sitting in the middle of my house, well the living room, sitting with my computer on the floor at 9 in the morning and everyone is sleeping around me, such a wierd feeling. We had to camp out on the floor last night, at 7 the power went out again because of the dumb debris movers. I live on a quiet street where the speed limit is 25 MPH and the power lines sag from all of the wind and what not during the hurricane well some guy decides to go down our street at 50 and blows not one but three transformers and because it was so late in the day, power company cannot and will not be out till this after noon. So yay we are running on generator power again, Hubby is such a work aholic I at least get the internet to play on, LOL. Oh and cable to watch, they are connected. So thought this was wierd and thought I would share it with you all. Feels like I am in a rich community in a third world country, we have luxury but no food or water. LOL. No we did connect the fridge to the generator too but we havent got much food in there yet because we were afraid this would happen. And there is currently no hot water because heater isnt hooked up, and boy am I glad there is no Texas heat today, nice cool fall weather, got pretty cool last night too had to pull out the blanket even though there was no AC it is awesome, almost like camping in your own house, LOL. Ok I am done being a dork and I hope you are all having fun out there. Man do I need to get to work on something maybe I will go back to clearing things out of Davin's room. Should take photos of it before it gets all torn down, I will miss it. LOL all right really done now.

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