My little ones

So my kids are getting old already, LOL.

My little girl is already 2 months, with the holidays gone I hope to be able to spend more time with her. Feels like I missed out on a lot because I was busy getting product out for the holiday shoppers. Maybe it is all in my head but really I feel like she was just born a few days ago and already she is getting big.

Davin is 5 and just soo smart but because he is smart he is annoying he has an answer for everything. Was I really out of it that much for the past two months? I guess I now know what hubby felt like the last couple of years when he would have to travel and not be around us at all for a few weeks at a time.

I just look at these kids and wonder where the heck the time went. Well hopefully this year I can get better prepared for the holidays and not miss out on sooooo much. Or I will just repeat this year and wonder the same thing come new years next year. LOL. Hopefully it wont turn to a horribly vicious cycle.

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