Having fun in Austin

Most of you all know we have been staying in Austin thanks to Hurricane Ike, well we decided to go and have some fun yesterday, so we walked down to the local park. These are pictures of Davin posing for me. This first one he has my sister laughing because he was looking for snakes and couldnt find them so he started to stomp his feet.
This next one he was hiding from me. He stood behind that tree and closed his eyes thinking I couldnt see him. So silly. When he saw this photo load onto the camera he told me, "Aww, man you not see me there did you?"

Here is Davin on the slide. He had tons of fun on the slides. I think that is his favorite thing at the park besides the pool. We didnt get to go swimming yesterday because of it being a little chilly. But next time we go I will post some photos of him in his swim suit, he is so cute in it.

Davin saying, "Cheese!"

All in all we have had tons of fun and really dont look forward to returning home. Only because it is going to be a lot of work to clean it all up. But at the same time cant wait to go home because it would be nice to get life back to normal.

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Mixed Species said...

Hope home is in better shape than you expect. Austin is such a nice place, with any luck you've got a little rest there.