another update

MIL made it to the house and was looking inside to see if there is any damage. My roof leaked bad, my sons room will have to be completely gutted and rewalled. my stair way is full of water, the walls will need to be redone. Her room has water coming through the light sockets so even though the power is off when it comes back on we will have to rerun electrical wires because she wont have sense enough not to try to use it. Ohh and I love my MIL she just has no sense some times. So the downstairs didnt get flooded but the upstairs got damaged by the rain and there is only more to come. So my question is this does any one know of a good roofer and sheet rockers that will work for cheap. LOL

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Heather said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the damage. Just think of it as a new chance to re-decorate! LOL I don't live in your area so I don't know anyone but maybe you could trade services? I hope everything turns out all right & you get home safely!

ChildishThoughts said...

Ohh thank you, I am not really all that worried about it but it is funny because I was worried about flooding downstairs and now I have to worry about the upstairs because of the roof. Irony I guess. LOL