San Leon

Well I have decided to stop feeling bad for myself. Ok I never really felt bad for myself just upset. But anyhow, yesterday we went to visit some friends in San Leon which is right off of the bay and they really really got tore up by the hurricane. The two friends we had, one about 5 blocks from the bay got 4 ft of water in his yard and about a foot of water in his house, so we were helping him sort through the trash and the good stuff. Yes three weeks later and there is still a lot of clean up, they are almost as bad of as all those that lived on Galveston Island. The other friend had two houses right off of the water. One House was moved off of its foundation and placed about ten feet behind the foundation. His second house wasnt moved but the slidding glass doors where blown out, the whole frame work of the house distorted so now it sits in a bit of a twist shape and there are two new cars in his yard. I say new but meaning they arent his and he hasnt found out where they came from yet. He has a boat shop behind his house every thing that was in there was picked up and moved so everything sits in piles on the floor and the big roll up doors in the front came out of its tracks, so the last half of the day was spent helping him fix his boat shop. It is just amazing the amount of damage that we found. Davin was walking in the yard and totally excited when he came back to us with some 45s, he thought they were the coolest frisbees, of course we let him play with them because there is no way to find out who they belong to and then if we did they couldnt use them anymore they looked melted and bent. It was fun and depressing. Ohh and my hubby thought I was crazy because I found a wooden chair that at one time had a wicker seat in it, but the seat was either cut out or fell through, but I propped it up and tied some rope the arm rest and called it my torture chair, he told me I watched too much James Bond movies. LOL. Alright that was my little story for yesterday.

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