Boy oh boy

Yesterday was soo busy, yard work, house work, saving an uncle, LOL and I finished a dress. We had to go help hubby's uncle, he thought he would go and be cool and ride his motorcycle around Galveston Island, checking out the damage that is still there. Yeah well his bike broke down on him and we had to go and save him, turned out the battery died and all he needed was a new one. So we got him a new one and looked so dumb sitting on the seawall with his bike in the back of our truck under a street light trying to fix it. I should have taken photos, but was too busy playing with Davin, he had fun looking at all the debris on the side of the road. He found a dead bird, some tree pieces, a few pieces of I dont know what it was. So any how in all that excitment I did manage to finish one of two dress I was working one for yesterday, Hopefully I can finish number two today.

I was going to take better pictures when the sun came up this morning but the silly girl said she liked it like it was and already purchased the dress so, I without thinking went a head and wrapped it up and put it in the box. So please forgive the dark photos. The print is called Chloes imagination by Tina Givens.

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