Sooooooo much good.

Alright ladies and gents I am in a spectacular mood today.

Got the roofers here working on my house, yeah finally, I am so excited.

Got some more new crayon rolls made, and I got a new store selling my crayon rolls for me, we are still working out the consignment details but exciting none the less.
Here are the crayon rolls that I finished today.
Each one already has a buyer, but I have an extra set that is not sold so if you are interested I will let you buy it, other wise it is going to my new shop in NJ for consignment purposes.
Here is a princess and butterflies set

This is the lollipop set.

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Rockerchic said...

That Lollipop set is ADORABLE! I want a dress made from it! Like a 50's style housewife with the puffy skirt type... that would be SO COOL! LOl!

Great Job!

ChildishThoughts said...

Ohh that would be cool, but I dont know if I could find more of that fabric, LOL. I bought the last of it for that set. I want more too.