Today wont hurry up

I think I am as bad as the kids when it comes to halloween, I want 6to hurry up and get here already. I cant wait to be the white mama with her camera in tow for every door. I didnt have a digital camera last year soo I am totally ready this year. LOL. shoot I have two now. LOL. We have a long list of kids going with us so it is going to be tons of fun. Here is a list just to be funny

Davin - the little indian boy (4 yrs)
Avari - princess (2 yrs)
Aryana - lady bug (5 months)
Malana- another princess (2 yrs)
Maddox - not sure what he will be (2 months old)
Yvonna - snow white (2 yrs)
collen - chicken (2 weeks)
Emily - more than likely she will be a super hero (she likes boy things not a girl)(5 yrs)
Malina - princess more than likely (4 yrs)
Noah - pirate (2 yrs)
vea - little lamb (9 months)

That is the list as of right now that will definately be there or more than likely be there, there might be more but not sure.

See why I cant wait for all the fun and all the yummy candy that I then get to steal from these little candy hoppers. LOL

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