Featured Artist 10-5-08

My feature for this week is DonnaPool.

Personally I love all of her stuff and she is a great etsian. She has done a lot of promo buttons for me and I absolutely love them.

Here are my awesome buttons, arent they just absolutely cute.

Here is a really cute teddy bear that Mrs. Pool makes. He is a jean teddy bear with a really cute ribbon tie.

Puzzle Ball, I love the colors in this one, she has many other colors to choose from and each one is as adorable as the last. I wish I knew about her when Davin was a baby, now he would just tear it apart and ruin it.

And lastly a etsy keychain. I think every etsian needs at least one of these. I am currently waiting on a set of keys to put on a keychain, LOL.

If you have a chance please take a moment to checkout Mrs. Pool's shop


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mybug said...

Wow, what a great shop! Thanks Childish for featuring such a great Etsy artist!

mybug said...

Wow, what a great shop! Thanks, Childish, for featuring such a great Etsy artisan!

mamashai said...

Donna Rocks! I'm going to get promo buttons from her...eventually. lol. :P

LazyTcrochet said...

Great feature! Love the bear and promo buttons are a great idea!