Crayon roll How-to

I created this tutorial earlier this week for a lady that wanted to post it on her blog.

Anyways I wanted to share with you.

Crayon Roll Tutorial

What you will need:
¼ yd print fabric
¼ yd solid fabric
Spool coordinating thread
Quilting mat
Serger (optional)
Iron (optional)

First cut out a 6” x 16 ½” rectangle and a 5” x 16 ½” rectangle from the print fabric and then a second 5 x 16 ½” rectangle from the solid fabric.

Set the two 5 x 16 ½” rectangles to the side.

Fold the 6” rectangle in half and serge or sew loose ends.

Set on the mat and draw 17 lines ¾” apart from right to left, length of fold to end of fabric.

Place print on solid fabric and sew on the lines. Reinforcing ends.

Cut leader lines

Serge or sew wrong sides of print and remaining print together. Leaving one short end open (side on far left).

Turn right side out and press flat.

Take a business car and cut top off at an angle to make a pentagon. Cut a pentagon out of solid and print fabrics, needing one of each.

Serge ends together leaving the bottom open.

Turn right side out and press.

Place pentagon with bottom end into end of crayon roll that is open. Sew one line down, reinforcing ends as you go.

Now here you can change it up if you like.I add a button hole and a button to the outside of crayon roll, but you can put ribbon instead of the pentagon, or a zipper, Velcro, snaps, whatever you please and think your child will enjoy more. Get creative and have fun!!!!

I make these daily, and there is always something new in my shop feel free to come and stop by whenever you get a chance.

Fixing to add designer fabrics to my shop of crayon rolls, come take a peek and see what we have.

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Rockerchic said...

WONDERFUL tutorial! Very Clear and Great Pics! Thanks for sharing this!!!