Altogether - Vintage sleeveless dresses

I wanted to post a post with all of the dresses and their photos together.

Just thought it would be cool to see them all in the same post. I dont know just a crazy thought I guess. Now each on of course is a different size fitted to the person it was made for so they will have some differences but you get the idea.

I even found another photo of the same dress in another print that I took photo of and forgot I had.

I cant wait to make more, it is amazing to me how each one comes out just a little different than the last, of course they are diffenent in that they have different sizes but I see the differences that they have that makes each one unique other than the sizes and fabric choices. I guess I see it since I made them but I love each one and wish I could keep them and frame them. LOL. I wouldnt have much wall left already if I did that but it has come up in thought more than once.

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