Roofers update

Ohh wanted to give everyone a roofer update, we got a the new tar paper down. LOL and that is it. LOL. Alright Texas is a great state to live in but the worst place to have a natural disaster. Now that we got part of the roof finished we have to wait for an inspector and well because of all the funky rules and what not cannot under any circumstance go any further till the inspector comes, so we wait, estimated time is 3-4 days, but in Texas time that means we could wait up to 2 weeks. Dont get me wrong I understand the Inspectors are tied up at the moment with everyone else that wants their roof inspected but OMG this is hilarious and insane. So I have half a roof and sitting here praying that it does not under any circumstance rain.

After the roof is done we get to work on the inside of the upstairs pulling sheet rock out and replacing it and painting it. Cant wait to pick new colors for Davin's room. I know I told you all I would put before and after photos of his room up, I just keep putting it off, doesnt help that his room is still a little messy, LOL how cares, I know, it got the most damage and I am embarassed that is all. LOL. ALright enough jabbering. Thought I would give you an update on that crazyness.

MAN it feels good to be 25. LOL

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