Alright finally we have a contract for the roofers to come out and start work on the house for next Wednesday. Took us what almost 2 months to get some one out here. I swear, Texas is so slow when it comes to this repair the house stuff. I know we havent had a storm like this in over 20 something years but come on. Any ways, contract is signed and they start soon. And got word yesterday that while all that is going on my street will be repaved. Yeah my house is really going to be a mess, there will be dust from the workers coming in and out and then dust from the road crew, I think I moving to a hotel for a few weeks, Ugh it is going to be soooo nasty and then all my stuff for the shop will get dusty too. Nasty!!! I will have to put plastic on top of everything that isnt getting moved, ohh I got a head ache just thinking about it now. Alright note to self Jonie, next hurricane be more specific about what you want. LOL dont just tell it to come to your house, tell it to demolish your house. So you dont have to do this again. And get better insurance so that they dont screw you over again. Ohh and kick In laws out so that you dont have to hear them moaning and crying about how they have to move their furniture for the house repair, Why would I move their stuff out of my house for their room to get fixed, they live in it they should move it yes!!! Or am I off on that one. Ohh well house is finally getting worked on and I am super happy. LOL.

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