Well I was hoping to get some more cleaning done on the house today, but hubby came home last night from work to tell me that we had to go clean his office out. I said OK and ohhh boy, we get there and you can tell that there is nothing but men that work in there. I have been home for two hours and I am still sneezing from it. Ohh just to give you a little background, these guys are computer repairmen and there are about ten of them. So anyhow, there were so many computer parts and ohh my god there were parts that came from some ones computer that were old and covered in dusts. So my question to all of yall is please ohh please take the time from time to time to dust your computer out because if you ever get it repaired someones poor little wife might be going through those parts one day and she is going to be sneezing for the rest of her life. LOL ok just joking. But I have never ever seen sooo much dust in my life.

Half way through our cleaning I got a phone call, it was Davin. We left the house before he got up in the morning, he calls and says, "Mommy why did you leave me," LOL he was mad that I left him home and didnt tell him I was leaving. He told me to hurry home because he needed me and that gran gran was being mean to him. Asked him how she was being mean to him and he said she made him take a bath and wash his hair, that wasnt her job so he was mad at her for it. LOL he is soo funny. Alright thought I would share that with you.

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