Man, I didnt get anything done today, LOL. I had 3 toddlers today and an infant. Let me just say that was fun and exhausting, going to call it an early night, tonight for sure. Ohh and still freaking because I really do think I am prego. Cool but not cool, didnt want another child, but we will see, I am still hoping it is just stress from the hurricane and all the other junk that has been going on. I forgot to pull the camera out to take photos of my monsters, so sorry no photo sharing today, just sighing relief that I was able to send 3 of those monsters home and mine is calm. Daddy came home and I am child free for the night, YEAH! I love Daddy more than ever before, LOL. Alright I am silly, talk to you later.

Ohh and my new baby, the baby sitting one, he got circed today, poor baby, he is still bleeding real bad, after the procedure they kept him in the doctors office for an extra 3 hours because the bleeding wouldnt slow down. Mom is staying home with him til he stops bleeding, glad she is looking after his needs and not her own now, was worried there about her for some time, she only was caring for herself for the first two weeks of his life, ohh and he is now a month and a half. alright talk to you later.

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