Wow it is here, I am officially 25, I feel so old. LOL. Dont know what we will do today, probably clean house and finish getting ready for the roofers on Wednesday. Nothing big, we might go out to the wine bar tonight, if hubby is up for it. But nothing special other than that. I already know my b-day gift from my MIL she got me a cross necklace. I only know what it is because my son found it yesterday and already broke the chain, LOL. she had to then come to me to fix the chain. So umm, Duh I know that one. Knew it would be jewlery anyways, that is what she gets me all the time, last year was diamond stud earrings, that I soon after lost, Shhhhhhhhh dont tell her that, Actualy I think they went with a few other things into storage because we were painting the house that time, LOL. So anyways excited to see if hubby remembers my b-day. He hasnt in the 5 years we have been together he has never remembered so if he does I will literally fall down dead. I dont expect him to remember any ways that would be expecting too much lol.

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Rockerchic said...


Oh, 25... That was a great year! LOL!!!

I'll be 30 Thursday.... I'm celebrating by getting my driver's license renewed....


ChildishThoughts said...

Thank you, and Early happy b-day to you. I thinnk we are going out to eat and well that is it, so exciting. LOL. I think yours will be more exciting, I mean come on you get to stand in a long line with complete strangers and pray to god they dont sneeze boogers all over you. LOL. Ok that is a bit extreme but still LOL