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1. I love food, not really awesome but I love food, there isnt much food that I wouldnt eat, and yes I think I am fat. Fact durived from the fact that I love food.

2. I am married to a black man, ok he isnt black but his skin tone is soo dark that everyone else characterizes him as black. He is African and Indian (India) from his fathers side and Chinese and Spanish from his mothers side. So all in all he is more confused than I am racially. I am White, Indian (cherokee), Mexican and Cajun.

3. I want a dog, we have no pets and cant have any because of our allergies but I still want one.

4. I wish days were longer as in not just 24 hours, that or I wish I was a bionic woman, that never had to sleep, that way I could get tons more stuff done and my house wouldnt look such a mess all of the time.

5. When I get angry I have a tendency to inflict pain upon myself. Better than the alternative of inflicting pain on others, and it isnt like I cut myself. I just will kick a wall in the corner one so it hurts and two so it doesnt damage the wall. It has been something I have always done and maybe I need to see a ppsychologist for it but that takes more time out of my day so I dont. LOL.

6. I dont like to let things get to me to the poing of being angry so I have a tendency to make jokes out of everything. I dont like people around me to be upset too, so I make jokes to make them laugh.

7. My favorite color is Purple. I love it on everything. But I am not soo into it that it is all over my house. LOL. There is such a thing as too much purple. Ohh and the best color to put with purple is green but I hate the color green.

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1. Rockerchic
2. Cozy Cabin Creations
3. TurtleMommy
4. MadeByJade
5. Gnome Grown Designs
6. Mama's Little Monkeys
7. Buddy Designs

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow... lets see...

You know, there is a woman here in my town who loves purple too.. She has a purple Camaro, only wears purple clothes, purple crocs, purple nail polish, purple fingernails...

And I swear to God... She even SMELLS purple... if purple had a smell...

AND seriously... LOL on the whole race thing... I WISH I was that diverse!

As a matter of fact.... I don't know what my heritage is.... just boring I guess?

MadeByJade said...

Thanks for the tag...It was fun!
Your Buddy Tricia