Featured Artist 11-23-08

Alright finally remembered to get to this. LOL. Sorry everyone.

Alright my artist for today is Andrea Evans, she is a fellow artist that has two shops so I thought I would do both her shops today.
One she gets both shops featured and it makes me look like I acutally did some work today. LOL

First here are some cute little hair clippies from her hiccup boutique.
Love those colors.

And this adorable little tutu. Again I love the colors, great color choices.

And she has a great and cute collection of handstamped jewlery.
Like this:

The sassy necklace, tooo cute.

And the mom necklace

Come check out these two adorable shops, and find other great treasures in there for all.

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Jules said...

I love the two last jewelry pieces, very very cute!