Awesome new site

Ok maybe not new but new to me so I call it new. Anyways, I found a "new" site to sell on. I like it so far, I just signed up today and from what I understand of it you are invited to join different groups and they feature your store and that is it. LOL. I havent gotten all the particulars understood just yet but I like it so far. I put all my designer crayon rolls and my crayon aprons on it and was invited to join this group called Childs play. It is cute and there are about 7 stores in the group sooo not too much competition.

The only down side is that you cant use paypal you have to use amazon payments, which I have never done before so that is new to me too. But thought I would invite you to check it out and see what you think of it.

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Luminous Mom said...

wow looks interesting... I always think it never hurts to have your stuff in more than one place.. I sold on ebay for years before finding Etsy rather recently.. thanks for letting us know about this website! I've never used Amazons checkout so I would be interested to know how it works too! Good luck!!