Alright I want to whine a bit so pardon me here. Since Monday it has been raining letting up just enough to drive me nuts. The inspector came yesterday and it wasnt raining then just overcast, he approved the job the roofers are doing on the house so YEAH! Roofers said ohh we will be back when it stops raining, they leave and it hasnt stopped since, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. All I want is the roof and the house finished so my house will stop looking like a the hurrican came in it and puked on everything. I sweep and mop daily because I cant do anything else to clean up and it still looks bad. I mean I cant even control my sewing area right now because it is everywhere and that isnt my fault this time. LOL. Told hubby if this is going to take another month he needs to build me a little shed in the back yard for me to work in so I can control something here. Yes I do have a tendency to need to be a control freak. If there is no order then that means utter chaos and well a little chaos is ok but too much and I become Psycho Jonie. LOL. I just throw things. Normally breaking something and then cleaning all night like my life depended on it and well I quite frankly am getting sick of cleaning till 10 at night because things are going my way. My hands hurt. LOL alright done whining, thank you soo much for listening to this crazy person.

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Piggy said...

Cute blog! I hope the rain stops soon for you! It's been raining at this part of the world too. :) My pants were soaking wet from walking the whole day.