Starting to feel human again

So I am finally feeling human again, YAY.

Not getting as sick as I was, I dont know if baby has decided it likes food now or if it just gave up the fight. LOL.

We are trying to get Davin to go back to sleeping in his own bed. I had him where he would start the night off there, and of course some time between 12 and 2 he would come and climb in my bed but at least we had part of the night to spread and sleep comfortably. LOL.

Well my dearest hubby ruined that back in January, Davin and I got a respiratory infection and well he told him since he was sick he could come to my bed so he would be comforted. Yeah now when we tell him to go to his bed, he starts with this truly fake cough and says "but I cant I sick."

Ughh, hubby.

Anyways, so we are trying to get him back in his bed, so when I get huge, there is room for my belly and my poor four year old doesnt get thrown from the bed. LOL.

Ohh and still waiting on my hubby to get a job, I think he likes being home driving me nuts. LOL. Today he is supposed to go fishing with Davin so hopefully I can get some quiet while they are out, unless they determine I must go with them.

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