Some shoot me know!!!!

OK, not literally.

I have been physically ill for the last 3 days. And it is starting to really annoy me. My hubby and MIL keep telling me I am preggers, my son informed me this morning I have a baby girl in my tummy. Not something I want to hear right now. Hubby still has no job. He has an interview for tomorrow and hopefully it will help carry us till his real job starts in April.

just frustrating. Maybe it is all from stress and they just arent helping, I know it is wishful thinking for MIL. Hubby too. He says he doesnt want more but when he gets around babies he just melts. And Davin loves them too. SO I am hopeing it is just that.

Alright. That is it.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes... pregnancy is contagoous! And don't cough on me!

Congrats either way Momma!

Jonie said...

Boy looking back I couldnt type earlier, LOL.

Busy-Budget Moms said...

I hope you feel better. Your not alone! My husband was laid off last week, and so far, nobody is really hiring around here!
Last summer my husband was away working in phoenix, I got so stressed that I gave myself pneumonia! It is possible!
Just relax, things will come together!

Jazzy Jemz said...

I hope you are feelign better, I know we have been sick in our house as well