I am pregnant!!!!

So we recently found out I am pregnant. YAY!!!!!!

We are definately excited about this now. LOL. At first we were NOOOOOOOOOO, but that is because we just got rid of all our baby stuff from when Davin was a baby, literally like 2 months ago. Well we had a bit of a scare last night.

Davin was playing in the room with us and I was laying on the bed. He accidentally tripped and stepped on my belly. I had some cramping but it wasnt too bad, just was soo tired I guess. This morning I get up and realize I had some spotting.

Well it is gone now, and we talked to Davin about being more careful, of course as a four year old little boy he didnt really understand told me I was being crazy that his brother and sister were fine. Ohh by the way he has it in his head that I am having twins. LOL.

Going Tuesday to get on medicaid since hubby lost his job and we will start doctor visits shortly after that. So YAY!!!!! We get to have all the fun involved with having a baby. Getting new clothes, toys, furniture and getting prepped to not sleep at night. LOL. I just got past all that with Davin hehehehehe!!!

Ohh and lets not forget all the diaper changing and potty training, YUCK. Davin was easy took him only two weeks to potty train I am pretty sure this will not be as easy. Ohh well we will see. Maybe I am just getting a head of myself.

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Busy-Budget Moms said...

CONGRATS! Im happy for you =-) I hope all goes well, and I hope your husband finds a job soon!

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Congrats! Hope all goes well for you also. Your son insisting on twins, huh? How cute!

My dh had a dream that we had twin boys and even had names for them. We already have 2 boys so we think we will count our blessings and leave it at that. LOL

Amariah said...

Congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly for you :-)

Heathen Mom said...

Congrats! Good luck with your pregnancy!