So it totally dawned on my last night....

That I am going to have another baby. LOL. Yeah I am a little slow in the brain lately.

But OMG I am going to have another baby and where am I going to put it. LOL. maybe I can empty or half empty a laundry basket of fabric and place it in there, but then who is to say that when I want some fabric out of that basket I dont forget baby is in there and dump it out on the floor.

Hubby made a good point last night that when the baby is born, Davin will be in kindergarten so I will have a few hours a day to be just me and baby but I am scared already, I assume it is the pre-baby jitters. I got them all the time when I was carrying Davin, I always dreamed and was terrified that I would go to the store or something and forget him there.

But now that I am finally gotten into the grove of my little business, I am really terrified that either my business with get neglected or my children. I am scared that Davin will hate the new baby because it gets more mom time then him, I really dont know how I will manage all of this. Again it is more than likely just pre-baby jitters but still, I worry.

I try to talk to hubby about these things but he is one of those "dont worry about it till it is here" people.

Or he tells me it is all in my head, which more than likely it is but still.

Alright I think my little rant is over and I dont feel better but it is off my chest now. LOL.

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Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

You will fall in love with the baby the minute he or she is born and everything will be fine. I was shocked to learn I was pregnant with my third child. It was a bad time financially and we had a day care in our house. It was a tough time for us. But the minute my son came into the world it was sunshine and rainbows. You will adjust, your family will adjust and everything will be OK.

Wendy Romero/Bobs and Bits said...

Congrats to you Jonie! I didn't know you were pregnant until now. I think it's perfectly normal to fear the unknown. One day at a time.