Featured Artist 8-18-08

This weeks artist is a friend, well I consider her a friend, we participate in a few groups together online. Her work is very cute.

Petal Heads. is for ages newborn to about age 7. They make headbands and infant hats adorned with flowers, buttons and "bling". The headbands actually fit newborns to adults and the knot hats are for 0-18 months. The top knot is adjustable. They are a unique gift and such a fun accessory!

Petalheads has been making these for about 6 months. The first 4 months were just for her daughters and then she stumbled upon Etsy and decided to make them for others!

Currently they are listed on Etsy at http://www.petalheads.etsy.com/ and as of mid August they can be purchased at Peace Blooms in Morganton, NC (thanks to a mom, the shop owner, that I met thru Cafemom.com).

Petalheads' bio: Petal Heads Headbands. My name is Melissa and I am the mother of 3 crazy/beautiful kids! We just moved to Albany, Oregon from Arizona. I have two daughters and that is how Petal Heads came about. I started making these headbands and hats for my girls and they look so cute in photos and even better in person. They just add so much sass to any little outfit. They always get adoring stares when they wear their Petal Heads.
The crochet headbands are really stretchy and fit newborns, toddlers and even adults! They also do a great job of covering up that awkward, but cute bald spot phase babies go through, or to pull back the "new" bangs your pre-schooler just cut for herself!
Thanks for taking the the time to look at my craft.*(The button and the flower have been securely hand sewn to the headband. These are cute and fun, but they are not a toy. Please always watch your children around any item with small pieces.) I love to see my Petal Heads on their new "home" so feel free to e-mail me a picture at petalheads@yahoo.com

Petalheads' creator favorite artist: I love all the jewelry makers. They are working with such itty bity items and they come up with such beautiful pieces. I have recently stumbled across Beads In Bloom. Her stuff is amazing! Her products can be seen at http://www.beadsinbloom.etsy.com/
Petalheads work:

This is a 1.5" brown crochet headband topped with an approx. 3" pink flower. The center of the flower is a brown button. The flower and the button have been securely hand sewn to the headband.

This is a fun little 1/4" green plastic headband topped with an approximate 3" white flower. The center of the flower is a black button. The headband has small round holes to about ear level.

This is an adorable white 100% cotton newborn welcome home hat that she can wear for many months. The knot is adjustable so the hats fit 0-18 months. This Petal Head hat has an attached dark pink flower with "blingy" petal tips. The center of the flower is a white swirly button. The flower and the button have been securely hand sewn to the hat and the bling was put on with a very strong holding glue.

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Angie said...

these are very cute!