Featured artist 8-25-08

Sorry everyone I had a great artist for this week but she hasnt answered my questionairre, I am going to assume she is busy working, this girl is a workaholic so I wont be mad at her, LOL. Alright she has two stores and I couldnt just pick one so I will show you items from both of her stores and let you pick your favorite store.

This is her shop for the little girls that we love and cherish. So many cute things in here, I am glad I never had a daughter, I would never ever have money for myself, LOL. Great selection, great quality and all around fun to have. Here are my favorites.

This one is awesome, she is willing to make it in your choice of colors, and to fit your little princess fairy. And there is a lot of things included in this order for this dress/costume,

Adjustable Flower incased Tutu (or anything else you can think you would like inside the tutu)

The underdress

The overdress that ties in front

A beautiful Magic Wand

A beatiful Headpeice (made with a headband to stay on easy)
Great for Special occassions, IE: birthdays, Halloween is coming up and we know those princess love to come out for trick or treating.

How about a funky stuffed owl, he is too cute to not want to take him home.

And how about a cute little dress for your little girl with a matching dress for her little doll. Isnt this the cutest. Just have to love it all.

I will save her second shop for tomorrow, have fun with this one, take your time find something you like and buy, buy, buy.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for still featuring a slacker like me!
You are a great friend!
And this article rocks!

Childish Thoughts, your the best!