Super mom

For several years now my mother in law has called me super mom, I always took it as a compliment, that is until recently. I have gotten to be too super.

I am a stay at home mom with two kids. My son is 6 and my daughter is 17 months. I earned the title super mom when my son was 2 and half, I had started babysitting some of my friends kids and managed to keep the house clean and diner on the table. Then shortly after my son turned three, I started my own business. It started out small, just sewing in my spare time and during nap times, I was still babysitting so couldn’t sew with 3-4 toddlers running around. Well I have been running this business for a little over 3 years now. Things have definitely improved and I have grown. My business has grown, my family has grown, my children have grown and now I sit here screaming slow down. I know growth is good, but sometimes things seem to grow too fast. I will not complain, tooooo much but I am just blown at how fast things grow.

It feels as if yesterday I started this business and to see where it is today, I am proud. To know both my children are receiving the benefits of my business is also something that makes me proud. It makes me thrive and makes me want to work harder knowing that one day this business may grow to a point that I will need and be able to get a larger space to work in and many other things that I only dream of right now.

SO now I don’t take being called as a compliment, I feel I have earned it as a title and enjoy hearing my Mother in law call me by it and my children too.
PS: although food is always on the table, now we don’t always have a clean house. Please don’t think I am MEGAMOM.

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