An Amazing Vacation

My Husband need to take some classes for his work in Dallas last week so we put together a little vacation for me and the kids, The last time I took time off of my shop was when I had my baby girl 16 months ago. LOL. And I dont really recall the break I had before that.

So while Hubby was in class me and the kids had fun all day long. We did a lot of swimming, went to the zoo and on the way home we went to dinosaur world. When we got home, some distant relatives were visiting so we played a couple more days with them. The kids really had fun with all of their cousins.

Now its Monday, get back to work day and I am finding it a little hard getting back into the groove. The kids too are having a hard time not running out side to play but we will get there eventually.

We did get to have an amazing vacation and with a little one it wasnt too hard on the brain driving there and back with her screaming in the back seat.

Here is a pic of Davin in a Dino Mouth from our trip to Dino world. That was the best part of the trip in my opinion.

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