Angleton Tx Market Days

We spent the weekend at a new market, and it was great. It was fun to stand in my booth and watch all the passersby, most of them greeting other family members or friends from the community. I must admit when we signed up for the event, I did not know that this was their first show and I had never been to Angleton. I will also admit that this was the nicest event/show I have done. Of course I dont have a ton of experience in doing these events, May last year was when I did my first one but this one beats all of them by far. And of course we made new friends with the other vendors, which is always fun.

We will be returning to this lovely event in November and I think we will be really enjoying it. Its a nice close knit community and everyone is very nice. Even when we were all tearing down our booths everyone helped one another. Lovely Lovely Lovely.

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Heather said...

Great Job, Jonie! I love seeing your booth. I'm wanting to do a craft show but not sure how to set one up. Seeing yours was helpful. I hope you sold lots!