DID IT!!!!

I decided to a craft show last minute here in town. It was a bust but I had fun. We were there from 8-3 and it rained 60% of the time. They are supposed to try to do it again in a few weeks. Learned several things from this though. Since it rained we bought some sides for our pop up canopy, so everything doesnt get wet again. And we learned our tables we dont like. LOL. So now we are going to go get some better folding tables, and hoping to do a few more craft shows here soon, just going to keep learning as we go. Hopefully next time it wont be raining as much and we will have a better experience. We did manage to sell 2 items in the rain. Tons of fun, my 6 month old loved it, my 5 year old not sooo much so we took him over to my moms house.

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