This allergy season

I am sure everyone is paying for it, physically or mentally. LOL. This allergy season is killing me, and my kids. Me and my son both have asthma and now my 5 month old is being tortured by it all. I have spent the last 3 days watching her cough so hard she is throwing up, was hoping it would go away, lol, tried the humidifier and the cool mist humidifier but neither has helped. All she can do is toss and turn while trying to sleep, and all I can do is sit her and watch her be miserable. Well I broke down today to take her in to the doctor. I also had to get an appointment for my son because he is out of asthma meds and although he went in Feb to see the doctor she wants to see him again to write him a refill, I would be mad but both of them are on medicaid, if I had to pay out of pocket I might try to break someones leg.

Well all of you that are also suffering from allergies, I wish you some relief soon.

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