6 more days...

till we find out the sex of the baby, so stinking excited. But sooo totally terrified.

I want to know so we can buy some of the things we need for the baby, but I havent decided if I will be alright with a daughter. LOL.

I love my son and he is sooo good. I am terrified if we have a girl she will be completely opposite, yes I know another boy too could be opposite but another boy I know I can handle.

A girl would be fun to dress up but then I will be spending all my time making her clothes and never get around to making things to put in my shop. Or I will be making girly items. I love making boy items, they are soo much fun and it is tons of fun to fight with my son over when and if he gets to keep something new.

Well back to my flopping of emotions and chewing of finger nails. Till Next Tuesday.

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