1 month of free advertising

I was recently directed to a great little advertising blog.


The first month of listing with this site is free, and every month after that I believe is $10.

I began advertising yesterday and already gotten 11 more views than I would have if I hadnt. I am sure there would be more if more of us got on there but I think that is great for a newer site.

Mrs. Cori is super nice and I love the site. I hope you all at least check it out.

And have fun with it. Ohh and to get your one free month, you pick a block to advertise in, fill out the information it asks for and then at the bottom do not click paypal pay button, just close the window, it took about half an hour for my advert to show so please give her time to get you listed up there, but I like it and I hope you will too.

Ohh and you can advertise any site you want, you do not have to be etsy, or artfire or any one particular site.

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Pocketful Of Sunshine said...

Fabulous that you blogged about this! Saw the post about it on the CST forum. I also got my free month spot on "The Wall". I really hope Indie Craft Wall's exposure continues to grow and helps get our shop names out there for the world to see!

I'm going to follow your lead and also blog about this... The more people that know about this the better! ;)