Wow it has been a while....

since I last posted.

I dont know where I have been, LOL.
Well biggest news ever: Hubby lost his job.
It really sucks because they told him he was going to be cut because of the economy and get a severance check. Alright that is fine with us, right! Now they are telling us no he got fired because of the performance of his employees (He was the manager of a computer tech company). So no severance check. Alright then. We will live off of our savings for a while.

Not a problem.

So any how we are having tons of fun.

Playing in our vegetable gardens getting them ready for the new growing season. Planting all our seeds that we have been stocking up on for the last year or so.

Went to the zoo yesterday, boy was that fun and it turned out even better when we got there because it was a free day. Didnt know that at first. Coool Beans. LOL.

Davin loved it, he hasnt been there since he was 2 and not sure if he remembers it but he loved seeing all the animals. either tonight or tomorrow night we plan to take him to the natural science museum to see the dinosaur bones.

And more work on the gardens. hehheehehe. So bad thing happened but good things are coming out of it.

NOw if only he can find a better job nearer than the 60 mile drive to near the intercontinnetal airport like before. LOL

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Cand said...

Yikes! Sorry hubby lost his job but you have an amazing attitude about it! Hopefully this is just a stepping stone for better things.

Pocketful Of Sunshine said...

You have been tagged! Love to learn little things about the person behind the blog. :)

Check out my blog for more details...