I think I have mentioned 1000markets.com before.
Pretty sure I have. LOL

Anyways I am excited, I am starting to make sales on there. I mean it is great to make sales anywheres. But I really like the fact that I am making sales on there because it means we are getting more customers into the site. LOL

The site is only about four months old. I have been on there for four months. Dont think I have been there since the begining, but fairly near the first part of it. LOL.

So anyways, I love the site, I mean literally love the site, I cant find anything to complain about it. Just things to complain about myself. LOL>

I really cant wait for us to go live. The site is awesome, I suggest that you as a buyer or seller come check it out. What is there to loose, a few minutes in your day? I promise you will not regret it.


and my link


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