We got snow!!!

I know for most of you this is not all that exciting, but for me this is totally awesome. For my son it is the greatest thing ever. We normally dont get snow. In fact, the last time we got snow it was Christmas day Four years ago, and the time before that was 14 years ago. So this is an extra special treat, and on top of that this is the most snow we have gotten on any of those occassions. So when it snows here we like to play in it for as long as we can.

And when it is gone we get sad. LOL. Well my son is definately sad. His first snow and it is already leaving. But we wanted to share our fun pictures of snow.

Here is my front yard after about an hour of really hard snow. before that it was really just sleeting and it didnt stick to the ground, this was a nice suprise for us to have great dreams about playing in the snow.

This is my BIL making a snow man at 10 o'clock at night, goober he is.

This is Davin's first snow man ever. He did a good job at making him. OK, I helped form the body but he decorated the snow man with bark mulch and a chunk of chalk. LOL. Ohh and our snow man is about 7 inches tall, that is all we could get at the time, Didnt think to bring more snow from the other cars. LOL.

Davin's first snow angel ever. Yeah Davin, he thought of it on his own too, no one told him how to do it.

And this is Davin playing in the tub after freezing outside. He was pretending all the bubbles were snow and he was trying to make himself into a snow man.

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hoffee and a nuffin said...

I can't wait until my 4y/o wakes up to see our first snow! The littlest things make these kids SO delighted! Glad to see (BOTH) of your boys having fun!