Took the plunge!!!! UPDATE

I finally decided to try out Hyena cart.
Lets see how it works out. LOL. I assume it is going to be good. I say that because I listed about 10 items today and already had one sale, Yeah that was awesome.
So, I made my listing and month fees back already, Now to start making a profit off of my items. LOL.

Now that the pain medicine is out of my system I realized what I forgot to type, LOL.

Here is the link to my HC account

Now I am thinking in a few months I might try to make my own website. Hehehe, That might be a big leap to try.
Ohh well. Alright got to get to bed soon, took some hydrocodeine, however that is spelt, and it is starting to kick in, I feel drunk.

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dawnberries said...

good luck with HC. I gave up.

oh! and TAG- you're it. (sorry).
read my blog.