This year has been great!!!!

I know the year isnt quite over yet, but so far it has been great. I am sure the last 14 days will be just as great as the rest of the year.

With the awesome success that this year has brought I am looking forward to next year and with that I have posted in several places my goals for 2011, so I wont bore you with those but did want to add that I would love to be able to add some personal goals to my list.

I have so far only listed what I want to do with my business for next year. Personally or family wise, I would love to stay on top of homeschooling my 6 year old. This year we have been lax and did it only when we felt like it. So far this week we have done great. Every day we have done at least one lesson. So YAY for us. LOL. I would love to also make a few more items for my kids, and not everyone elses kids. LOL. I love to make items for kids and usually I start with projects for mine but this year I seem to have focused more on the shop than my babies, so I want to do more for just them. And lastly we need to take a family vacation this year. We havent had one since I got preggers in 08 so we are definately due for one. Not sure where we will try to go but we need to go somewhere away from the computers and maybe somewhere without cell reception.

Alright I feel much better about getting some goals down now to get back to playing with the kids before I need to start dinner.

I hope if you have goals for 2011, business wise or personally, you can reach them and maybe even get more out of them than you hoped.

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Heather said...

That's awesome Jonie! I am looking forward to homeschooling Ian in 2011 too. I have a few personal goals and a few business goals but I mostly want to focus on the homeschooling so we can get established & into a routine. :)