An Awesome Weekend

This weekend was great. We had a gift market that we were vendors at, it was pretty good.

Every day we drove an hour to get there, which wasnt too bad. Traffic was not bad either. We met a lot of new people, made friends with some of the other vendors. Friday was a little slow but that was sort of expected, Saturday was our best day and Sunday was slower than friday, but all in all I think it was great. Got some feedback from customers that I would have never met before. And learned a few more things to do to help my booth out.

The kids got to stay with grandma and coming home was amusing. Both kids would drop what they were doing to run to me and get hugs and kisses, made me feel soo loved and special, because when I am home all day with them I dont get soo much loving. LOL

And I now have some inspiration for a couple of new items to add to the shop.

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