Funfest was a blast

We did a craft show at the local Funfest in Texas City, it was a total blast. We made several new friends, and learned a few more things we need to improve on. But here are some of the photos from our booth.

We made our own banner, I let the kids help me paint so it was a little sloppy but also gave it the childish look I was going for. LOL.

Our aprons we a pretty good little hit we sold the cupcake apron set and a similar one in a minnie mouse print. Now I need to make more.

Amazingly the crayon rolls we neglected, I think I displayed too many at one time, giving too many choices confused everyone possibly.

As always our crayon aprons were adored and we sold a few, I need to make more though, and a lot of people suggested we make matching totes for the aprons so they can carry their aprons with them before they get to their destination and then pull it out and put it on, I think that was a great idea and need to work on that.

I made several different pillow case dresses mostly some in a fourth of July print, sold some but not very many, need to definately work on getting some more prints together for the next shows.

Lastly I had some super hero capes, just simple cotton ones, I want to get some embroidered ones done here soon. I am sooo excited to make more items and need to take a few days to clean the house up but other than that we had a ton of fun. My husband made some new friends and ran into some old friends, my daughter who went with us the first day actually had fun too, of course she flirted with everyone that came to our booth, LOL. I really look forward to doing another show next year.

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